When you invest in Farmland, you invest in a physical asset.

Advantage Amaryllias Managed Farmland

A managed farmland is one in which you can invest in a farm parcel and then see your investments grow without having to manage them.

When you invest in Amaryllias Farmland, you join our strong investor club. Through their investment, they are making a responsible effort to impact the farmer community. Learn more about the impact.

Competitive Returns

Your investment in farm parcel gives you yearly return from the crop sell and other farm produce. Also, income from agriculture is tax-free, adding good value to your portfolio.

Consistent Appreciation

Your farm ownership gives you an appreciation for the land cost. Most real-estate investments in the land shall remain land with no value addition. But, when you invest in farmland, the value increases due to farm produce and other activities.

Low Volatility

An investment in farmland will reduce volatility in your financial portfolio, making it more efficient. Risk-adjusted returns from farmland beat most other asset classes. Moreover, demand for food and farm produce shall always be there irrespective of market conditions.

Long-term Investment Planning

Farmland investment is a long-term investment strategy to earn good returns. With a small ticket size, this investment becomes very attractive and offers good returns.

Farm Land Investment is Good

More reasons for you to believe the great opportunity we offer
Low cost to entry and ownership

At Amaryllias, the ticket size for land ownership is small and very flexible. Our online platform makes it easy for you to buy and manage your investment.

Growing population, more demand

With the global population growing, the demand for food shall also be growing exponentially. Interestingly, no one is making more land. Hence, it makes a lot of sense to invest in farmland.

No worry on fertilizer, crops & management

Many have inhibitions to invest in farmland due to a lack of farm management skills, expertise, and knowledge. At Amarryllias, we manage your farmland end to end.

Social & economical benefits

Farmland Investment fosters a community of green investors who are the future of sustainable socio-economic development goals.

Asset class investment with good returns

Farmland investment is a smart capital investment that guarantees good returns on the capital as well on the yield.

Farm investment is recession-proof

Investing in farmland ensures profits and safety in times of economic uncertainty and future proofs your investment.

Unique Opportunity to create wealth with long term investment

We are making a change for everyone.

With our low entry cost, investment in farmland becomes easy, making it possible for everyday investors to build wealth in a meaningful way.

Farmland investment gives you passive income and tangible assets.

INR 2 Lakhs Investment

Our investment starts from 2 Lakhs only. The price includes the cost of land and management for your farmland. Minimum investment you have to do to become the owner of farmland.

300 sq. m Land Parcel

This is the minimum land parcel we offer for purchase. You can buy in multiples or you may also buy land in acres. All land parcels are part of the complete farmland. Contact us for large land parcels.

3X Returns on your investment

At the end of the 9th year, your projected return on investment shall be 3X of your investment. Your profits shall come from the sale of crops/farm produce and the appreciation of the land cost.

You may also opt for a yearly pay-out of 14%, starting from the 2nd year. The same shall be deposited in your account every year through our automated process, giving a good passive income option. The balance amount shall be deposited at the end of the 9th year.

We offer options to re-invest the amount in our projects.

Our First Managed Farmland Project :

Our project is ideally located in Ranthambhore, offering multiple crop options, good soil quality, and well-connected to the rest of India. Ranthambhore is also known for its famous National Tiger Reserve Park.

Ideally suited for mix crop farming and fruits. Good value-addition shall also be done.

Plot size available in multiple of 300 Sq.m.

Limited 1-5 acres plot size also available.

Click here for more project details.

How do I get started?


Sign-in and create an account. Select the plot size you would like to invest.


Invest an amount of your choice using the innovative dashboard. Process all your documents to facilitate the process of land registry in your name.


You stay invested and get to track the progress on the farm on monthly basis on your dashboard. You can also go on a field trip to witness your impact.


Repayments are credited to your account on a yearly basis. You can choose to reinvest or withdraw this amount.

Please sign-up and our team shall contact you with more details.

Your Advantage

With our online investment platform, you can get the benefits of direct ownership without needing the agriculture expertise to choose the right deals or the scale to buy an entire farm.

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