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We believe with collective responsibility, we can create a positive social impact and shift agriculture to net-neutral for greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately a net-positive sector.

Challenges Faced by Farm Sectors

Despite 60% of the Indian population works in the farm sector & contribute 16% of the GDP

1. Small Farms/Low Farm Yields

70% of farmers in India own less than 1 hectare of land. Small farm size results in loss of money, and most of the produce is consumed by the family itself.

2. Lack of Best Agriculture Practices

Traditional agriculture practices are still in use due to a lack of knowledge and money, thus resulting in more loss of money and lower produce.

3. Supply Chain/No Value Addition

Poor supply chain, wrong crop selection, and no value-addition are some of the factors adversely impacting farmer’s profitability and sustainability.

Investment Accelerates Growth

We believe with the right capital investment, the overall farming cycle is disrupted. Investment helps farmers to use modern farming techniques, improve the economic condition of the farmers, increase yield output, and give better profit margins. And, hence making the investment fruitful.

How we’re impacting the agriculture industry and bringing the change

By 2050, we shall be a 10 Billion population globally.

Whatever we do today shall impact our tomorrow. A sustainable future can only be secured when collaboration occurs across food systems, where every stakeholder’s voice is valued.

Your investment shall impact the community of farmpreneurs who have a shared passion and affinity for the farmland. Together, we shall transform the processes and systems followed by the Agri Industry and the farmers.

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In farms, size does matter. Our average farm size shall be 50 acres and above, giving a lot of leverage to grow multiple crops and offers more opportunity and growth potential for our investors.

Sustainable Farming Practices

It all starts with the soil, we use innovative agriculture practices to maintain soil fertility and increase crop yields. Our approach is technology, market, and data-driven to manage crop selection, rotation, and mixing.


Agricultural diversity and integrated systems to combine crops, livestock, and forestry are some of the steps to reduce harmful impacts on the environment. Our team works towards energy efficiency and better management plans.

Together, we can make a positive impact on our farmer community.

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