World moves online

The world has moved online. The pandemic has pushed all the businesses and industries to either go online or shut shop. Even before lockdown happened and COVID hit the world with its atrocities, people were already shifting towards an online world with limitless powers. 

In 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide will buy goods and services online, up from 1.66 billion global digital buyers in 2016. In 2020, over two billion people purchased goods or services online, and during the same year, e-retail sales surpassed 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. 

Internet & investment

Post-global pandemic, consumer behavior is shifting towards online purchase. Consumers want everything online and feel this is more convenient, offers more choices, and works in the pandemic. The investment world is no different, and they too can notice the change.

Today’s investor is more informed because of the plethora of information available at the click of a second. An investor can search for investment options and do thorough research about them before investing a single dollar which is a paradigm change.

The wide availability of information is perhaps the most significant advantage that the Internet has had on investing. Internet and online tools have changed the way people make investments. Today, buying shares is just a click away, and making a wise decision becomes easy as you have access to all the financial information and tips online.

It has also had a hugely beneficial impact on investing, especially for retail investors.

New avenues and investment opportunities are now available for retail investors to diversify and invest. Farmland investment is one such option now available online for any retail investor to invest from anywhere.

This change is massive.

Why invest Online?

Investing online is the new game-changer and offers many advantages:

  1. The Internet has brought about a transformation in transparency. Financial documents and information is readily available online 
  2. Free information helped investors to analyze and invest.
  3. You can track your investment anytime, anywhere.
  4. Online investing has lowered fees for investors. 
  5. Now, you can invest in instruments and assets, which was not possible earlier.

Like any other investment tool, online investment also comes with its own set of risks. Frauds and fraudulent activities are most common. Phishing, malicious websites, and spamming are some of the tools used. The best way is to prefer authentic online investment companies.

First big opportunity to investment

Traditionally, any investment in real-estate-related activities is a big offline game. For the retail investor, the options of making a real-estate investment online are limited. And, this is a lost opportunity for both: retail investors and suppliers.

Online Farmland investment is the new kid on the block, wherein you can buy farmland in India online.

In the context of an agri-fintech retail investor, Farmland investment has now become more accessible and democratized. The farmland investment industry is in the midst of a transformation of the sort happening in real-time. In our last blog, we emphasized the importance of farmland investment which threw more light on the topic.

Invest in Farmland from anywhere

Online farmland investment for retail investors makes sense in many ways. One, the current scenario of COVID is here to stay for some more time. People will have to adjust to the new normal of living life at home, ordering groceries online and investing online. People with purchasing powers looking to diversify their investment have a great deal of information available online and that is why it makes sense to engage with an end to end agri-fintech company like Amaryllias Farmland to simplify the process of investing in farmlands in India. Through Amaryllias, an investor basically outsources the buying and management part of their farm. And reap maximum returns through investing in farmlands on their capital as well as on the crop produce. 

An agri fin tech company like Amaryllias Farmland empowers the investors in many ways. First, it enables them to rely upon the experts with decades of experience in farmland investment. Therefore, minimizing risk. Second, the investor outsources the buying and management process which reduces a lot of stress. Third, it gives confidence to invest and complete the process with absolute simplicity and ease. 

Invest in farmlands from anywhere

Amaryllias Farmland is an Agri-FinTech company offering a unique proposition of online investment in farmland which can be a game-changer for retail investors looking to invest in agriculture farms.

Amaryllias Farmland is India’s first online platform to buy farmland in India. The purpose of this platform is to make the process simple, secure, and transparent. The platform also helps investors to manage, track and reinvest. This innovative product is now available for investors to start exploring and empowers the investors in many ways. 

  1. Technology-driven and AI-enabled platform which helps identify the best investment options.
  2. A completely secure system at par with global standards to manage your documents, transactions, and money. 
  3. This platform helps track the activities happening on your farm with the latest updates posted on your dashboard. 
  4. Being online, a retail investor can invest from anywhere 
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