We are making the process of farmland ownership simple, transparent, secure, and accessible to all.


At Amaryllias, we are growth hackers who are passionate about collective gains. We are inspired to empower the farming ecosystem as we pledge to Grow.

Our tech-enabled platform optimizes the process of buying and management of farmland from a single dashboard


You can invest in our projects from anywhere, using our online platform. The online process includes buying your land parcel, registry, and documents audit. Manage all activities from a single dashboard.


You can track all the activities happening on your farmland from your dashboard. You can track activities like farm updates, insights, crop details, and yearly payouts you shall receive.


From your dashboard, you can buy more farmlands and invest in different projects. You can check eligibility to sell your farmland if you wish and find the best deals from the dashboard.

What’s unique about investing with Amaryllias Farmland?

Our purpose is to make investment in managed farmland accessible to all and help them to diversify their investment portfolio to new asset class.

Also, learn about the impact we are making.

Our Experience

At Amaryllias, our farm knowledge, experience, and understanding of local Eco-system enables us to acquire projects which offer great opportunities and high profits for our investors. Know more about our projects here.

Hassle Free, No farming knowledge needed

Our team of experts manages all the projects. So, when you purchase a farm parcel, all the management and farming come free with your purchase. All you have to do is watch your investment grow.

100% online and automated

Our tech-enabled platform makes it easy for you to invest in farmland from anywhere. The platform is 100% online and automated. Our process is simple, transparent, and secure.

Great insights to make informed decision

Farmland is the new preferred asset class offering great returns and long-term growth. Investing in managed farmland is different from investing in stocks and bonds. We help you learn the secrets of wealth building at your own pace.

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