Do you aspire to own farmland in India?

At Amaryllias, we offer Managed Farmland for ownership.


Amaryllias Farmland is an online platform to buy managed farmland in India from anywhere. The purpose is to make the process of farmland ownership and management simple, secure, transparent, and accessible to all.

Our team of experts manages your farm operations end to end and ensures fantastic returns on your investments. With Amaryllias Farmland experience the authenticity of the land.

Investment Opportunity at Ranthambhore, Rajasthan

60 Rs/sq.ft

Managed Farmland Cost

300 Sq.m

Minimum Plot Size


Projected Returns

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What is Managed Farmland?

When a team of professionals manages the farmland, it’s called Managed Farmland. Smart farming increases the land value combined with crop production, making it a great wealth-building tool.

Managed Farmland is a new wealth-building tool


Invest in a land parcel and see your investments grow without having to manage land parcel and farming. Enjoy farm life with family.

Smart Farming

Strategic resources allocation and managing right biodiversity of crops, plants & live stock to optimize farm produce.

Great Returns

Farmland investments are long-term investments to grow your money. Agriculture earnings are tax-free, making it a better investment than real estate.

Managed Farmland is a new asset class for investment.

Managed Farmland is the best alternative physical asset investment offering competitive returns, consistent appreciation, and pretty low levels of volatility.

Amaryllias Farmland as an asset class is ideally suited for retail investors looking to diversify their investment portfolios. The small entry ticket size makes it more interesting.

Farmland Investment

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At Amaryllias, our farm knowledge, experience, and understanding of local Eco-system enables us to

Identify the right land for you to buy

Our projects are curated based on scientific data, soil quality, and local opportunity. Every project passes our due diligence, legal audit, and proper documentation.

Use data to optimize the farm produce

Our horticulture team puts great emphasis on using the best agriculture practices, innovative systems, and methods.

Grow your profits using our dual revenue models

We optimize your profits from farm operations. You will receive annual returns from the crop sales, in addition to the appreciation from ownership of the land.

We are making an Impact

Your Investment Accelerates Growth

Your investment shall impact the farmer community. And, we have a strong belief, every farmer and every acre of land matters. Your commitment today shall build a future sustainable food system.

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Invest in Happiness

Experience the Authenticity of Land

When you buy a farm land, you invest in Happiness. You are truly connected to the land, and to the local people. It opens a new perspective and purpose towards life.

You and your family can have some great memorable moments at the farms and learn so much about farming. Everyone is contributing to the wellness of nature and well-being.

In our continuous endeavor to enhance your farm experience, we shall be launching some exciting activities and options for you to enjoy your farms with your family in more memorable ways.

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Farmland Investment



Farmland Investment
Why invest in farmland?
Globally, farmland is a $9 trillion market. The world has 15.749 million km (2) of arable land. India has the most arable...
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